An Analysis of Fastest Growing Careers 2012

stocks going up An Analysis of Fastest Growing Careers 2012An analysis of the data of US Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that the rate of unemployment in the United States is 9%. When you translate this figure to around 15 million unemployed Americans, around 3 million job openings are going unfilled in the United States. The major reason for this is the biggest disparity between the qualifications employers are searching for and the number of skilled job hunters.

So, which are the hottest skills employers are looking for? Here is an analysis of 10 fastest growing careers 2012.

1. Dental hygienists,
2. Data Communications and Network Systems Analysts,
3. Physical Assistant,
4. Medical Assistants,
5. Health information and Medical Records Technicians,
6. Software engineers,
7. Physical therapist aids,
8. Fitness Trainers,
9. Database administrators,
10. Veterinary technologists, etc.

Dental Hygienists

Opportunities in the field of

dental hygienist career are expected to grow by 43%

by the end of 2012. Dental hygienists are responsible for helping patients to maintain and develop good oral health. They examine patients’ teeth and gums, take and develop dental X-rays, remove deposits from teeth, provide awareness for selecting the right tooth brushes and floss, explain the relation between oral health and diet, and much more. They are trained to handle rotary, handheld instruments to polish and clean teeth, and to administer local anesthetics.

In some states, a dental hygienist can do temporary fillings, polish and smooth metal restorations, remove sutures, periodontal dressings, etc. They can work in a clean and well lighted office. They need to wear gloves, surgical masks, and safety glasses for protecting patients and themselves from infectious diseases. They must also very careful to avoid neck and shoulder injuries from sitting for a long period of time.

Education and Training:

You can enroll in the dental hygiene training program if you have a high school diploma and high scores in college entrance test. The subjects in your high school diploma should be chemistry, mathematics, and biology.

An associate degree is essential for getting entry level jobs in the field of dental hygiene. If you want to get high salaried jobs in the field of dental hygiene, you must have a bachelor or a master degree. During the training period, you need to undergo class room, laboratory, and clinical instructions in subjects such as:

* Anatomy,
* Physiology,
* Chemistry,
* Microbiology,
* Pharmacology,
* Nutrition,
* Radiography,
* Histology,
* Periodontology,
* Pathology,
* Dental materials,
* Clinical dental hygiene,
* Social and behavioral sciences, etc.

After the successful completion of an accredited course, you need to appear for an examination for getting a licensure. The Joint Commission on the National Dental Examinations of the American Dental Association is conducting the written examinations. The expected salary range of dental hygienists is around $44,180-$91,470 per year.

Data Communications and Network Systems Analysts

The data communications and network systems field is expected to grow by 57% by the end of 2012. It is because of the rapid spread of latest technology and computers. Therefore the skilled employees are essential for the development and maintenance of systems for new technologies. The analysts are responsible for solving problems related to the computer technology to address the needs in organizations. The annual salary of these analysts can range from $18,610-$96,860.

Physician Assistant

1219484 caduceus An Analysis of Fastest Growing Careers 2012The physician assistants are

trained healthcare professionals in therapeutic

, diagnostic, and preventive medicines. They can also work in some specialized areas such as general internal medicines, family medicine, pediatrics, etc. The expected growth of physician assistant jobs is around 49% and they can earn around $16,460-74,390 per year.

Medical Assistants

As per the available data, the percentage increase of medical assistant requirements is 60 by 2012. Medical assistants are responsible for performing clinical and administrative tasks for physicians, chiropractors, podiatrists, and other healthcare practitioners for ensuring the smooth running of their offices. Specializations in this field are testing eye muscle functions (ophthalmic) and casting of feet (podiatric). The expected annual salary of medical assistants is $16,460-$74,390.

Health Information and Medical Records Technicians

The expected growth rate in the field of health information and medical records is 47%. The major responsibility of these technicians is the evaluation and organization of healthcare records, which include medical history, symptoms, diagnosis, results of tests and examinations, and treatments. The expected salary of Health information and medical records technician is around 16,460-$74,390 per year.

Software Engineers

The career field of computer software engineers is expected to grow 46% by the end of 2012. They are generally responsible for the designing and development of new computer software systems. They also need to integrate the new technologies and they must be able to analyze the needs of users. Based on this analysis, they need to design specialized utility programs and computer applications by using multiple programming languages as per the purpose of programs. This industry is witnessing continuous changes and rapid growth. So the demand for skilled computer software engineers will be very high. Their salary range is $18,610-$96,860.

Physical Therapist Aids

The number of individuals with limited function or disabilities is increasing. So the employment in the field of physical therapy is also very high. The estimated growth rate in the career field of physical therapist aid is 46%. The major responsibilities of physical therapist aids or assistants are providing services to help relieve pain, improve mobility, or preventing the permanent physical disabilities of people with injuries or diseases. It is expected that the rate of growth of physical therapist assistants is faster than the other career fields through 2012. The salary range of physical therapist aids is $16,460-$74,390 per year.

Fitness Trainers

The projected growth rate of aerobics instructors and fitness trainers is 45% by 2012. These trainers and instructors are responsible for conducting various exercise activities. They help their clients to access physical fitness and achieving their fitness goals. The number of individuals who spend money and time for physical fitness is increasing. Therefore the demand for aerobics instructors and fitness trainers is also expected to grow very rapidly. The expected income of these trainers is around $7.09-26.22 per hour.

Database Administer

The career for database administrators is expected to increase by 44% by the end of 2012. Working with database management system software, the database administrators effectively extract the data and present them in an understandable fashion. They must be able to understand all facets of the database system of an organization, which include security, modification, performance, and the system running platform. This is one of the fastest growing careers 2012. The expected salary is around $74,390 per year.

Veterinary Technicians and Technologists

1222894 coins salary An Analysis of Fastest Growing Careers 2012The expected growth rate of veterinary technician career 2012 is 44%. The veterinary technicians are responsible for providing veterinary care to pets and other animals. They need to conduct medical tests, diagnose and treat medical conditions of animals. Some vet technicians and technologists find opportunities in livestock management, wildlife medicine, biomedical research, or pharmaceutical sales. The job opportunities for veterinary technicians and technologists are also considered as one of the fastest growing careers 2012.

Career opportunities in the field of healthcare sector are ever expanding due to the emergence of newer diseases. Therefore it is not affected by the fluctuations in the economy. So, among the fastest growing careers 2012, jobs in healthcare industry are highly demanding.

These days, finding a good career with both a nice salary and good job security is one of the hardest things you can take on. But there are several careers out there that offer all of this and more. As always, the most high demand careers 2012 are in the medical field and in the computer field. These are both fields that pay a hefty salary and offer great potential for job security.

One of the top high demand careers 2012 is a career as a dental hygienist. A dental hygienist is a career in the medical field in which you work under the supervision of a dentist and see patients. The main job you will perform is cleaning patient’s teeth and examining patient’s for oral diseases. The great thing about this career is the nice dental hygienist salary. The average dental hygienist salary is about $68,000 per year and is expected to have 38% more jobs added by 2020.

There are also other great high demand careers 2012 in the medical sector. The medical field is a career that will always have various jobs available and there will always be a need for jobs within the healthcare and medical sector.

Some of the top careers that will see the most expansion besides a dental hygienist are: registered nurse that makes $68,000 per year and will see a job expansion rate of twenty six percent, a pharmacist that makes about $110,000 per year and will see a job expansion of twenty five percent. Additionally, medical assistants whose average pay is about $28,000 per year will see a job expansion of thirty one percent. A physical therapist is another one of the careers that is one of the high demand careers 2012. PTs can make an average of $76,000 per year and will see an expansion of thirty six percent. An occupational therapist is another great career for 2012.

OTs make about $72,000 per year and will see a job expansion rate of thirty three percent. There are several different careers within the medical field that offer a wonderful salary in addition to having many jobs available in the coming months of 2012. There is always a need for new medical professionals and more hospitals and clinics are being built daily creating more and more jobs for medical and healthcare professionals.

Another one of the top high demand careers 2012 are several types of jobs in the computer science sector. There are many different types of jobs that you can do within the computer field. The top high demand careers 2012 within the computer field are a software developer with a salary of $90,000 per year and an expected expansion of thirty percent and a database administrator that makes about $69,000 per year and will see a job expansion of twenty eight percent. There are several other careers that are in high demand for 2012.

A computer programmer is another career that is in high demand. It offers a salary of more than $90,000 per year and a job expansion rate of thirty percent. These days so much of our lives are run by computers that there is a high demand for trained professionals to keep them running smoothly.

The financial sector is another area in which there are several high demand careers 2012. Careers such as a financial advisor that makes $62,000 per year and a job expansion rate of thirty two percent. Also in addition to a financial advisor jobs as an accountant are also in high demand. An accountant will see a job expansion of more than twenty percent and have an average salary of more than $60,000 per year. The financial sector is currently one of the hottest career fields out there to enter for 2012 because of all of the debt and problems that people are having making this a great career move for you and your family.

There are several other jobs that are in high demand also. Such as jobs in which you are teaching or planning things. Jobs like an elementary school teacher or a councilor will see an expansion rate of more than twenty percent. Meeting and convention planners are another career that is in high demand.

These jobs will see an expansion rate of more that thirty five percent and can make as much as $45,000 per year. So, if you like helping, teaching or planning things then these careers would be great areas to go into for 2012.

In addition to all of these jobs and careers there are several things you can do that are high demand careers 2012 that do not even require any type of degree. Most of these careers are needed as much of this type of work in the past has been outsourced, but more and more companies are choosing to hire in their home countries to help the economy. Some of these careers are jobs within the customer service sector such as a receptionist and sales representative. These careers are always there as it is a much needed part of any business.

The amount you make is a wide range. It can be anywhere from $20,000 per year to more than $70,000 per year depending on the place you work and the level of your work. But, these jobs are expected to see an expansion of more than twenty to thirty percent making these careers a very solid move for your well being and the well being of your family.

There are so many careers out there to choose from. Deciding on the direction that you want to take your life and the life of your family is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make. This is why it is important to find out what the high demand careers 2012 are and what the expansion rates of more jobs being added will be. This is just as important as looking at the education requirements and the amounts that you will make within the career. The expansion rate tells you how much in demand the career will be within the next year and the following years to come. As you can see one of the top careers out there is that of a dental hygienist and many other types of medical and computer careers.

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